Registration Confirmation

After registration is complete, UW Educational Outreach Registration Services mails each student a Transaction Summary to their home address. This document is confirmation that the student has been registered for UW credit, and is a receipt for payment. Included on the Transaction Summary is also the student's UW Student Number. Additionally, the first time a student registers for a UW course, a letter containing the student's Private Access Code is enclosed in this mailing.

Students who do not receive this documentation in the mail can contact UW Educational Outreach Registration Services at (206) 543-2310 to confirm their registration and to request that the Transaction Summary be re-sent to their home address.

Setting Up a UW NetID and Accessing your MyUW Account

Using their UW Student Number and Private Access Code, students can create a UW NetID. A UW NetID allows students to access the UW Library system as well as their MyUW account to view UW grades and order transcripts. Creating a UW NetID is optional.

UW Student Numbers, Private Access Codes, and UW NetIDs are permanent and do not expire. If students have misplaced their student number or Private Access Code, they can contact UW Educational Outreach Registration Services at (206) 543-2310 to request that the information be re-sent to them. To reset a UW NetID password or retrieve a previously established UW NetID, follow the steps on this page.

Registration for a UWHS Course Establishes a Permanent UW Record

By registering for a UWHS course, students establish a permanent UW record. Participating students will receive a permanent UW student ID number and any grades received are recorded on a UW official transcript. Students who register for a UW credit are also considered university students and are responsible for understanding program policies, including course withdrawals, grading, and academic honesty.